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Our Philosophy

The Symphony Development philosophy is centered on building a lasting reputation of integrity and quality with the real estate community, the municipalities we serve, our valued partners and the people who call our developments home, office or amenity. To accomplish this, we challenge ourselves to the utmost in creativity and oversight in each and every phase of our development cycle including pre-planning, construction and customer service.

Our success depends on our operating approach, which is founded upon a series of key principles:

  • To be creative in the project concept phase, ensuring the generation and exploration of a full range of design and use ideas

  • To select the uses and design approaches that not only generate strong project economics, but that also generate positive impact on the community

  • To balance pure economics, project design and quality materials to build a quality development and long-term positive reputation

  • To incorporate sustainable building materials and practices into our projects, for the protection of the planet and our end users

  • To invest substantial resources in the detail design elements and pre-construction planning process

  • To be selective in the choosing of general contractors and subcontractors in order to build relationships that last

  • To pay our contractors on a timely basis and to manage expectations

  • To select materials for longevity and quality, increasing customer satisfaction and limiting warranty exposure

  • To address customer service and warranty issues promptly and fairly

Standing behind these driving principles, Symphony Development continues to seek out new project opportunities while expanding existing relationships.